South Florida Commercial Photography

Vanbridge Insurance Universal Headshots

We share with you our latest corporate headshots for Vanbridge Insurance Company located in downtown Boca Raton, Florida.


BMW 8 Series Launch Art Basel

During Miami Art Basel, we covered the release of the BMW 8 series launch party event at the Faena Hotel Miami South Beach, Florida for BMW North America.  The event featured over 200 drones flying through the air at night to simulate a flock of birds.  An amazing sight to see!



Polyglass Roofing North Regional Library Aerial Photoshoot

Here are some photographs from our drone and stills photoshoot with Polyglass Roofing at the North Regional Library in Miami, Florida.


Advertising image campaign for Owl Tutoring

Recently we partnered with Boca Web design to provide the photography for the new Owl Tutoring ad campaign images.  Here are some of the images we shot with the models!

Architectural Shoot for Reliance Construction. Miramar Courtyard Lobby areas

Recently Reliance construction hired us to recreate a recently renovated hotel lobby and sitting spaces for there client Marriot for their portfolio.  Here are some of the images….

Commercial photoshoot for the Santuary Neighborhood marketing campaign in Boca Raton, Florida

Recently we worked closely with Boca Web Design to create a bank of images to market the highly exclusive Sanctuary nieghborhood in Boca Raton.  We shot from the ground, helicopters and boats to create the unique images you see below!

One Bag One Life: Mini video product promos

Recently we were asked to build an entire line of images based on One Bag One Life’s new 2013 product Spring/Summer line.  Upon shooting a ton of stills that were shot for branding of the new bags on the web and print we also shot  and produced two videos.  Check them out!





Sears / Hankook Tires NFL Star Cris Carter shoot























Recently I was brought on a commercial shoot for Sears new Hankook tires with former all pro receiver Cris Carter.  We shot product shots, stills, candids, etc.  Cris was super fun to work with and provided us all with plenty of humor.

Chivas Regal Branding Event – Miami, Florida

For the second year in a row I have shot the stills for the Chivas Regal Branding campaign in South Florida.  Here is a night CSI Star Adam Rodriquez hosted, where I worked with him in getting some great marketing shots for the brand.

Marketing images for Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, FL

As part of my continuing relationship with Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, FL we did a little promo photo campaign of their new tank facilities.  Its a huge improvement project that they have finally finished and these images will be a way to provide marketing opportunities to their audience. The Turtles will be in their soon! Go check them out if you already havent!

2012 Boca Raton Police Services Ad Campaign: Motor Patrol

Once again the Boca Raton Police Services Dept.  has asked me to shoot the ad campaign for this year.  Here is one of the many shoots, the Motor Patrol.  Special thanks to my awesome intern Lamise for helping out!

Surfing Florida History Exhibition opens in Boca Raton at the FAU University Galleries. Check out Eastern Surfing Magazine’s pre coverage of the event with a photo gallery by yours truly!

Recently Eastern Surfing Magazine enlisted me to get some shots for the upcoming gallery opening of Surfing Florida Exhibition at Florida Atlantic University.  Using a handful of shots for the pre coverage of the event online, there will also be pre coverage in their print issue this month.  Check out the live article HERE.

Keenan Flegel new team board shot on Inland Surfer

Some new stuff on World Champ Keenan Flegel’s board sponsor Inland Surfer website.


Architecture shots for the Canolli Kitchen Pizza chain

Recently I was hired to capture some creative images of the Canolli Kitchen restaurant in Coral Springs, FL.  Waiting for the sun to dip below the horizon and the colors to illuminate the sky I got a few keepers for the client.  Here is an example of one of them. 

Surfers for Autism – Clearwater Beach, Florida June 25, 2011

 Limited Edition Print for the Event

 Hands Across the Sand

Surfers for Autism ventured to the west coast for the first of many events to come.  As our main non-profit we sponsor we were there to provide coverage of the event and also coverage of Hands Across the Sand, which is an effort to bring awareness to stop the oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

Cover shot for Coastal Screen and Rail – Second one this month

Here is the second cover this month from a the same residence we shot last month.  The last shot was shot on top of a 14 foot ladder and this one was done on the ground with a tripod

Halcyon jets

I got a last minute call to shoot some interview and b-roll for a pilot to a reality tv show. It is based on a high profile private jet brokerage called Halcyon Jets. The fastest growing and leading the industry in quality and customer service were only two of there impressive aspects. We roamed the office for most of the afternoon shooting and trying to stay out of the way. They were all incredibly friendly and generous to shove a camera in their face for on the spot questions.