Surf Photography

Surf Camps!

Every summer we photograph hundreds of kids at Surf Camp.  Here are a couple from Living Water Surf School in Pompano Beach, Florida from the first couple weeks.  We take a photo of each kid surfing and also a group shot of the camp every week for 11 weeks!

Cover shot for Atlantic Current Magazine – 2 in a row for 2012

The Atlantic Current magazine continues to grow as a prominent South Florida Sports and Lifestyle read.  I was stoked to get the first and now the second straight cover.  This time with Jr. World Champ Wakeboarder Noah Flegel.  Not an easy shot to achieve as I was being dragged about 2 feet behind him on a tube.  I also had a ton of other shots in the mag, here are some tearsheets.  Articles on Tanner Strohmenger, The Flegel Brothers and The ResolversI also created two of the ads in the magazine.

3rd Annual 10 FPS Photos 2012

Take a look at the 2012 edition of my 10 Frames Per Second (FPS) video which is a review of the last 12 months of shooting.  Check out more with my 3rd Annual Photo Exhibit at Island Water Sports on Friday January 4, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. where I will present my most memorable images and describe what it took to get each shot.  Win some cool stuff from Quiksilver and Electric while supporting the local Jr. Surfrider Foundation.

Coverage of Hurricane Sandy in Florida and Puerto Rico

Hurricane Sandy literally created a huge stir in many ways around the Atlantic.  Here are some images that were shot, ran, involved in, published, etc….

Featured cover image on the home page of

Contents page of Dec issue of ESM magazine. Aerial of Deerfield Beach.

Main image for all marketing for The Deerfield Beach Surf Festival to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims.

IWS T-shirt.  Sales to benefit Sandy Victims.



Atlantic Current Cover and spreads

A new mag has emerged in South Florida called The Atlantic Current.  Many images of mine were chosen for the inside of the mag including the cover.  Here are some screen shots…

Fanatic SUP Paddleboard 2013 Catelog Cover

Recent Cover for Fanatic SUP 2013 Catelog

Tropical Storm Isaac

Tanner Strohmenger punting in South Beach, Miami.


Todays tourist attraction on the strip at Fort Lauderdale beach

Skeeter Zimmerman’s patented layback snap in Miami.


With Tropical Storm Issac nearly on top of us, it was a struggle to get shots but we pushed on, traveled and made a few happen.  Here are a couple that got published.

Shooting in Northern and Southern California

Surfline running one of Jake’s shots.

The impressive Half Dome that we summited two days later.

Recently I took a trip to Southern California to shoot a few things.  Upon arriving I linked up with Florida transplant Jake Kirshenbaum to chase some waves Tropical Storm Miriam sent our way.  The second half of the trip was a summit up Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, shooting fine art photos throughout and documenting the entire journey on, where you can follow all my photo expeditions around the world.

Covering Hurricane Lesile through the Bahamas

Recently I was hired on a trip to chase the waves of Hurricane Leslie in the Atlantic Ocean.  We took a flight to Eleuthera, Bahamas start the chase all over the island for 5 days.  You can read more each days stories here:

Scroll to the posts labeled Bahamas.

Also below are some of the published images from the trip so far in different publications.

2nd Annual Photos 2011 Sideshow by Ben Hicks

Come check out my second annual Photo Slideshow at Island Water Sports this Friday January 6 at 7:30 p.m. Showing surfing images from around the world I shot this year and how I got them. With swag from Quiksilver and Quiksilver Womens. Prints will be for sale with a portion of the proceeds donated to Surfers for Autism.

2011 10 Frames per second – A look into my lens in 2011

A short video on some of the shots I took at 10 frames a second throughout 2011 from around the world. Enjoy!

Eastern Surfing Magazine Contents page shot of Matt Oberman

After a lot of hard work charging some big waves in Nicaragua, Matt and I link up to get one in ESM this month.  Congrats Matt!

Turning with Cheyne Cottrell

Skeeter Zimmerman

This week I though I would try something new. Since I shoot so many sequences and usually only show a shot or two, I thought it may be more interesting by showing you guys the entire move instead of just one frame. So here ya go. Learn to turn….this week with Cheyne Cottrell.

IWS Summer Surf Camp

Cheyne and I hooked up on a nice turn that Surfline used a frame of. We thought the better frame went unused so you can check it on the flyer for IWS Surf Camp this summer in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Matts Shot

Check out this months Issue of Eastern Surf Magazine as Matt Oberman and I finally get a shot printed with his name completely spelled out correctly. Its small in the Blahs sections but its been a long time coming to get something printed for him. Riding Ocatane boards locally shaped out of Pompano Beach, FL. Thanks Matt!

May swell VOl #1


A few shots from Monday afternoon as I headed up to shoot Cheyne, Scott, Ryan, Peter, Brian, Jensen and a whole bunch of other clowns fighting for one peak somewhere in Palm Beach County. I forgot my monopod, so a fat 4×4 did the job! I think I saw the worst fist fight in the water ever, not cool.

Surfers for Autism 2009

Once again I was invited to be the official photographer the Surfers for Autism foundation event this year. I was stoked and look forward to another great day with the kids! Come out and support a great cause in get in the running of giveaways valued in the thousands!

36 degrees – 8 a.m. Thursday February 5, 2009 – South Florida

An almost new spot….
6ft faces!


This week we got a little blast that threw some waves to some new areas in South Florida. While searching with Cheyne Cottrell and our super grom crew we found a few gems in the cold.

Mini swell ……. Super cold for us Floridians

Will Tant
Cheyne Cottrell


The always smiling Bob from Boca Surf and Sail


Wednesday morning we charged it early to get some good light with the rising swell hitting our coast. Meeting up with Cheyne Cottrell, his buddy Will Tant, Matt Oberman, Wesley Desouza, and Tahitian Hira Teriinatoofa, we caught the quick swell window. On the beach it was about 40 degrees, which was not exactly was I am used to. It was a beutiful day! All images copyright © 2009 Ben Hicks

Nov 21 Jupiter

Wesley Desouza

Peter Mendia

Matt Oberman

Jensen Callaway

Cheyne Cottrell

The swell was still in the water and so was the push to get some shots.  Matt and I have been about 0 for 10 and it was about time we got two solid days of shooting in.  Headed up with Cheyene mid-morning with the call being Jupiter area.  All the boys were there, packed together, taking off one after another.  Not nearly as good as the day before but still good conditions to shoot in.

Nov 20 Palm Beach

Scott Posner

Wesley Desouza

Cheyne Cottrell

Baron Knowlton

Dave Leonard

Peter Mendia

Peter Mendia

Peter Mendia

John Cammack

Matt Oberman

Matt Oberman

Last week a few of the stars aligned and South Florida actually got good.  I headed up to search with Wes and Matt, meeting up with rest of the state of south fl to find some prestine conditions to shoot in.  I really wanted to shoot water but the currents just weren’t right.  Two sessions throughout the day provided for some great shots not to mention shooting some of the best in Florida.  Here are a bunch and please no stealing the images with out contacting me first.  Thanks!

Cold swell

This past week I got sick and it is never fun to sit around and not do anything. Well, mother nature made it a little nicer with some good waves. Here is a little sesh from the other morning out as I found Stevie Andrews schooling his elders while I was up on A1A shooting and getting booted from the median on private property! Aka standing on the side of the road at 8am and arguing with the security guard until he pulled out his little rent-a-cop radio for backup. It was 50 degrees at 8am. Thanks cold for Florida! Good ole Boca!

Sebastian Inlet / Hurricane Kyle

Jensen Callaway
Brian Noel
Paul Reineke
Paul Reineke

Getting the call the day before that the swell was good but I couldnt go layed out a decision to make the drive or not. Steph and I decided it was time for a road trip up to old Florida. Got to the inlet about 8:30 and it was good. Even better, no one was out. So I decided not to miss anything and surf myself. Surfed for about 2 hours and ended up ripping out the center fin plugs on my Kechele. Bummer. Right in front of Kevin Welsh, who was one of the kindest Surf Photogs that I have ever met. I ended up talking to him for a while. It was nice to match the name and face to such a positive attitude. After a few calls and finding out Dave Leonard forgot his charger…which explained why I couldnt find where they were surfing, I went and shot on the beach along with Steph and Kevin. Jensen Callaway was boosting while Reineke was getting barreled. Ran into local boy Brian Noel as well.

Swell continues

Dave Leonard
Today was the first time I have ever gone to Reef Road and back to Boca twice in one day! Well, Steph, Matt and I loaded up and headed out dawn patrol style to find it onshore and closing out. We drove checked and checked and found nothing to shoot. Went home and got the call about an hour later that the swell had picked up from Skeeter. He and Matt picked me up and back we went. The swell was nice and clean but the locals werent ready for sharing. We were down at LaPuerta, I swam out with the housing and really didnt get shit. Dave Leonard was trying to get into anything within my view but came up short numerous times. Such a great guy.