Advertising and Design

Head shots!

Head shots of all kinds in our studio to on location at our clients locations have been hot right now!

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Commercial spots for iRocker and Blackfin Paddleboards

Here are a handful of commercial spots we did for iRocker Paddleboards and Blackfin Paddleboards on location in the Florida Keys.  We also did a couple longer commercials as well.

We shot and edited the clips.

Polyglass Roofing BB King Party Orlando, FL

We partied like a rock star at Polyglass’s BB King Party Event at Orlando, Florida. Here are some images from our event shoot.


City Furniture ad campaign part 2 – Human resources

Here are a few of the images we shot for City Furniture during our second shoot with them this year.  What a great group of people that make this well oiled business tick!


Washe the app ad campaign


Washe is a new app that you use to get your car washed.  Pretty great idea!  We did a bunch of promo images for them recently in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

OMNA Tourniquet First aid leashes


Recently we shot an ad campaign for OMNA.  They make tourniquet leashes for a variety of markets.  Here are some images from the shoot.

Ad campaign for City Furniture – Human Resources

Here are a small sample of the many images we created for South Florida’s giant furniture store chain, City Furniture.  The campaign was showing the diverse population of City Furniture employees.


Carve Rentals ad image campaign

We helped bring Carve rentals to life with a full day of shooting images of their product here in South Florida.  Here are a few of the images.   If your in south florida, go check them out


Stock imagery of Boca Raton for Conway and Partners marketing.


Recently we were asked to created images from a handful of iconic locations around Boca Raton for a client of Conway and Partners.  Here are a couple from the many we produced for them!

Commercial studio work for Tot Tutors

Here are some more images from the many days in the studio with the Tot Tutors brand team.


Home Angles commercial shoot in Boca Raton

Recently Home Angles, a full home restoration company based in South Florida contacted us to created new marketing images.  Here are a handful along with usage on their new website.


Boca Raton Mausoleum 2016 marketing images


We recently photographed the grounds of the Boca Raton Mausoleum for their new website.

Marketing images with Gumbo Limbo Nature Center


We have collaborated with Gumbo Limbo Nature center in Boca Raton to provide them images anytime they need them as a donation of our services.  Here are some new ones we took recently with the new tank feature.



Studio product shots with Tot Tutors

Recently we photographed toy product shots for local Boca Raton company Tot Tuturs.  They had a toy box that needed to be shot with and without toys inside for merchandising and packaging.  Here are some shots…

Product shots for Advance Carts Catalog

Advance carts contacted us to create product shots with their new line of carts for the upcoming catalog.  Here are the photos used in the new catalog.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.39.06 PM


Studio: Hats on white and dark backgrounds for 27 north

Recently we finished up more studio shots for 27 North, a paddle board brand based in South Florida.  This time with their new line of hats!

Kirrin Ichiban commercial event with Chef star Candice Kumai


We recently covered a special event with Kirrin Ichiban and TV chef star Candice Kumai in South Florida.  Our photographer Anthony did a great job covering the scenes of the event!  Here are a couple shots from the show.

Roofing progress shots with Polyglass in Fort Myers, Florida


We work a lot with Italian manufacturer Polyglass in showing how their products are used in the roofing industry.  Here are some shots with workers installing the product in Fort Myers, Florida.

On location Ad shoot with Polyglass

We were on location with our client Polyglass to get some action shots of workers installing one of there new products on a steaming hot roof in Coral Gables, Florida!  Here are some samples from the shoot!

Polyglass product installment promo images

We recently ventured out into the field with Polyglass and visited a team of roofers using the product.  We captured a lot of action shot throughout the day. Here are a couple action shot examples.

Portraits with Keenan and Noah Flegel in South Florida.

Recently I shot Keenan and Noah Flegel, world champs in their respective sports of wake boarding and wake surfing! They both got new sponsors, Noah with Hyperlite wake boards and Nautique Boats and Keenan with a new board!  Here a few of the many shots that were taken!

Yakitori Sushi marketing photos – Boca Raton Restaurant

Part two of our client Yakitori Sake House:

This time we shoot the interior and exterior of the restaurant.  We also get some actions shots inside.  Web will be implementing them along with the food shots we took a few months ago in a brand new website!    Here are a couple samples from the shoot.

Malema Sensors Product shots

Recently Malema Sensors, headquartered out of Boca Raton, Florida asked us to photograph about 50 products that they market and manufacture.  Here are a couple examples shot in our studio.  These are not clipped out which they had requested that their own artist will do so.  These are shot right out of camera in preparation to be clipped out onto a pure white.

Gumbo Limbo Sea Coast Toast

One of our favorite organizations we like to donate our time to is Boca Raton’s own Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.  As some of you know Ben Hicks spends a lot of time shooting sea turtles.  We provide the event photography for their annual fundraiser at the Boca Raton Library called the Sea Coast toast.  This year Ben donated at 16×20 giclee canvas that was auctioned off to help benefit the organization.  Such a great cause!