Boca Raton Interior architecture photographer

Boca Raton Mausoleum 2016 marketing images


We recently photographed the grounds of the Boca Raton Mausoleum for their new website.

Interior pool table product images













This high end Pool table was photographed for the distributor after being installed in a luxury residence in Delray Beach, Florida.

Yakitori Sushi marketing photos – Boca Raton Restaurant

Part two of our client Yakitori Sake House:

This time we shoot the interior and exterior of the restaurant.  We also get some actions shots inside.  Web will be implementing them along with the food shots we took a few months ago in a brand new website!    Here are a couple samples from the shoot.

Architectural Shoot for Reliance Construction. Miramar Courtyard Lobby areas

Recently Reliance construction hired us to recreate a recently renovated hotel lobby and sitting spaces for there client Marriot for their portfolio.  Here are some of the images….

Interior Architecture: Castle Tile, Marble & Granite

Castle Tile, Marble & Granite once again hired us to shoot shoot some of their finished projects.  Here is one of the residences.

Cover shot for Coastal Screen and Rail – Second one this month

Here is the second cover this month from a the same residence we shot last month.  The last shot was shot on top of a 14 foot ladder and this one was done on the ground with a tripod

Architectural Cover shoot for Coastal Screen & Rail

As one of the largest manufacturers and installers of screened in enclosures in South Florida, Coastal Screen asked us to create some unique angles for some of the recent finished projects.  For one of the shots, that appeared on the cover of Design Showcase Direct, I positioned myself atop a 20 ft ladder to get the shot, with a mini tripod on top off the ladder.

A few recent architecture shots…..

Here are a few recent architecture shots that were shot around South Florida for my clients.  A renovated church, Interior lobby, Kiddie Academy playground, and a BB&T drive through.  Sorry for the lack of posts but I have had a crazy schedule! 

Exterior Residence we shot

This is one shot of a couple we did for an exterior of a residence in Hollywood, FL.  It was shot on a tripod with a Canon 1ds Mark 2 and Canon 16-35 II 2.8L lens exposed for a few seconds.  The house was occupied and the family had the coolest dog ever.  He is in some of the interior shots, I will show you later. 

Boca Raton Comerica Headquarters

Here are a couple shots from a recent Interior shoot at the Comerica headquarters in South Florida. It wasn’t a lot to work with but we made the most of it.

Interior Architecture shoot

This is a recent shoot of a small office interior we did. We only had 30 mins in the building making it tough to get much.

DC Construction Launch

I just finished the initial launch for DC Construction’s website ( We worked hard on it to keep it simple, elegant yet modern. As one of my architecture client’s much of the photographs on the site are taken by my team and I. Thanks to DC for making my vision a reality in more ways than one.

Penthouse Shoot

A detail shot of one of the dinning room scenes straight out of camera.

All the crap needed including 8 monolights, 7 canon flashes, 4 cameras, 3 laptops, 40 batteries, 3 softboxes, 3 grids, 4 umbrellas, 4 tripods, 10 lightstands, and so on……

This week  I was hired by Fine Decorators / Robb & Stucky to shoot one of their newly finished private residences in Miami. We shot for three days straight. The final 5 images can’t be published here but I can show you some detail shots after we are done editing.

Interior in Islamorada, Florida

We recently shot an interior beautifully done by Built by Owner, Inc. in Islamorada, Florida.