Delray Beach

Jayson Koss of Delivery Dudes

Here are a few images we shot for The Atlantic Current Magazine at Delivery Dudes with the founder, Jayson Koss, at their head quarters located in Delray Beach, Florida. Deliver Dudes is a restaurant delivery service that brings your prepared meals right to your front door.





South Florida Wedding Photography in Delray Beach, Florida


Our wedding photographer Nathan recently shot a last minute wedding in Delray Beach , Florida on a boat!  Here are a few of the images we captured!

Published work over the past couple weeks….

Here are a handful of shots where my work has appeared locally and around the world.  Included is a write up with Eastern Surfing Magazine about a wave shot with a flash, images published on, various images published in publications for Fanatic paddleboards and also my interview with a school in the UK about my images appearing in National Geographic!

3rd Annual 10 FPS Photos 2012

Take a look at the 2012 edition of my 10 Frames Per Second (FPS) video which is a review of the last 12 months of shooting.  Check out more with my 3rd Annual Photo Exhibit at Island Water Sports on Friday January 4, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. where I will present my most memorable images and describe what it took to get each shot.  Win some cool stuff from Quiksilver and Electric while supporting the local Jr. Surfrider Foundation.’s US East Coast Year in Review

A couple images from this weird winter were ran on including from what I recall as the first empty inside out barrel shot of Delray Public Beach and Tanner Strohmenger inside the hook! Check out the live article  here East Coast winter-in-review

Delray Beach Barrels and Slave to the Mastermind Chris Beeman on

Last week we got a little pulse.  I went out for a swim and got a few empty tubes.  Slave to the Wave’s own Chris Beeman was out giving a clinic on riding the nose and flew by me.  Here is the image run on Eastern Surfing Magazine!


IWS Summer Surf Camp

Cheyne and I hooked up on a nice turn that Surfline used a frame of. We thought the better frame went unused so you can check it on the flyer for IWS Surf Camp this summer in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Matts Shot

Check out this months Issue of Eastern Surf Magazine as Matt Oberman and I finally get a shot printed with his name completely spelled out correctly. Its small in the Blahs sections but its been a long time coming to get something printed for him. Riding Ocatane boards locally shaped out of Pompano Beach, FL. Thanks Matt!

May swell VOl #1


A few shots from Monday afternoon as I headed up to shoot Cheyne, Scott, Ryan, Peter, Brian, Jensen and a whole bunch of other clowns fighting for one peak somewhere in Palm Beach County. I forgot my monopod, so a fat 4×4 did the job! I think I saw the worst fist fight in the water ever, not cool.

Mini swell ……. Super cold for us Floridians

Will Tant
Cheyne Cottrell


The always smiling Bob from Boca Surf and Sail


Wednesday morning we charged it early to get some good light with the rising swell hitting our coast. Meeting up with Cheyne Cottrell, his buddy Will Tant, Matt Oberman, Wesley Desouza, and Tahitian Hira Teriinatoofa, we caught the quick swell window. On the beach it was about 40 degrees, which was not exactly was I am used to. It was a beutiful day! All images copyright © 2009 Ben Hicks

Cold swell

This past week I got sick and it is never fun to sit around and not do anything. Well, mother nature made it a little nicer with some good waves. Here is a little sesh from the other morning out as I found Stevie Andrews schooling his elders while I was up on A1A shooting and getting booted from the median on private property! Aka standing on the side of the road at 8am and arguing with the security guard until he pulled out his little rent-a-cop radio for backup. It was 50 degrees at 8am. Thanks cold for Florida! Good ole Boca!

Delray surf shoot

Matt Oberman
Matt Oberman
Kyle Alvare
As word traveles fast each time there is any possibility of a decent swell down here I always need to take it lightly. This was another one of those days that just didnt live up to the hype. Matt and I tried to decide where to go. He ended up just paddling out at Delray public along with 400 other people to surf bumped up swell. It was much larger on the outside but not really hitable on the lip. He and a few others got a few one turn wonders and I was there to bake in the sun. There wasnt much there and soon after got a call that it was “good” down in Boca at an undisclosed spot. So I headed down, called Kyle Alvare and we snapped a couple from the beach there. Not too bad. I got in the water for about twenty minutes until sundown and got a couple for myself. Heres a few from that day…