Eastern Surfing Magazine

Cover image for Eastern Surfing Magazine – Sept 2016


Eastern Surfing Magazine used one of my sea turtle images for the latest cover of their magazine about Environmental Issues.

Recently Published work including Cover shoot for Atlantic Current Magazine and Travel feature in ESM Magazine.

Here are a bunch on images recently published this month.

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Eastern Surfing Magazine Who da Guy with local ripper Cappy!

Local surf freak Cappy and I link up for a Who da guy feature in the latest ESM Aug 2013 issue.

Published work over the past couple weeks….

Here are a handful of shots where my work has appeared locally and around the world.  Included is a write up with Eastern Surfing Magazine about a wave shot with a flash, images published on EPSN.com, various images published in publications for Fanatic paddleboards and also my interview with a school in the UK about my images appearing in National Geographic!

ESM covereage of my 10 FPS video and Annual Slideshow

Eastern Surfing Magazine put out a little article featuring my annual year in review video called 10 FPS.

Coverage of Hurricane Sandy in Florida and Puerto Rico

Hurricane Sandy literally created a huge stir in many ways around the Atlantic.  Here are some images that were shot, ran, involved in, published, etc….

Featured cover image on the home page of Surfline.com



Contents page of Dec issue of ESM magazine. Aerial of Deerfield Beach.

Main image for all marketing for The Deerfield Beach Surf Festival to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims.

IWS T-shirt.  Sales to benefit Sandy Victims.



Tropical Storm Isaac

Tanner Strohmenger punting in South Beach, Miami.


Todays tourist attraction on the strip at Fort Lauderdale beach

Skeeter Zimmerman’s patented layback snap in Miami.


With Tropical Storm Issac nearly on top of us, it was a struggle to get shots but we pushed on, traveled and made a few happen.  Here are a couple that got published.

Surfing Florida History Exhibition opens in Boca Raton at the FAU University Galleries. Check out Eastern Surfing Magazine’s pre coverage of the event with a photo gallery by yours truly!

Recently Eastern Surfing Magazine enlisted me to get some shots for the upcoming gallery opening of Surfing Florida Exhibition at Florida Atlantic University.  Using a handful of shots for the pre coverage of the event online, there will also be pre coverage in their print issue this month.  Check out the live article HERE.

Delray Beach Barrels and Slave to the Wave.com Mastermind Chris Beeman on ESM.com

Last week we got a little pulse.  I went out for a swim and got a few empty tubes.  Slave to the Wave’s own Chris Beeman was out giving a clinic on riding the nose and flew by me.  Here is the image run on Eastern Surfing Magazine!


Eastern Surfing Magazine – Cheyne Cottrell

First swell of the year and Cheyne and I linked up at our local spot.  Using a 70-200 lens in my aquatech housing on my Canon 1d mark 3

How I got this shot…. Hurricane Earl Palm Beach 2010 Eastern Surfing Magazine Dec 2010

Hurricane Earl was a day late for many in South FL.  We all were driving up and down the coast the day before wasting time, money and confidence in all the reports.  Well the next day luckily Cheyne Cottrell and I got up really early and drove straight to Palm Beach, without checking it anywhere.  Rolled up on an indicator spot and Saw this….

From that point on we both knew it would probably be one of it not the best hurricane swells this season to hit South Florida.  It was a solid 6ft with over head sets.  Because of the current and lack of consistent barrels we figured the best thing to do was to shoot from land.  There was also only Cheyne to shoot.  With only one (pro) surfer in the water its tuff to “lineup” as we would call it.  While Chyene paddled out I set off on a hike to find a good spot to shoot.  I was carrying with me:
Canon 1D Mark 3
Canon 5d Mark 2
Canon 500 L IS lens
70-200 2.8L IS
Tokina 10-17 fisheye
Canon 16-35
Canon 1.4 and 2.0 converters  all in my Lowepro pack.

It was a hot day with hardly any wind so the first thing I did was find a semi shaddy spot with some ability to compose other buildings, trees and or people/objects in the foreground. Hiking down the beach trying to find a shady spot and a place to get a little higher was not easy.  Eventually I met a security guard willing to let me post up on the wall of a mansion.  From there I was able to get all the angles I would like, fill up my water bottle with water from there hose and answer phone call after phone call while I snapped away.  Eventually the swell started to die and after a few hours we decided to leave.  The photo ran in ESM of Andrew Fletcher was shot just as I was about to leave stepping off the wall still with the camera in hand.  Shot with my 500mm lens with 1.4x converter on my Mark 3.  While we hiked back to our parking spot we had already planned our next spot to shoot thanks to all the luxuries of modern technology.  The day continued with me swimming two more times throughout palm beach county and scoring a barrel session to ourselves at one of the best spots in S. Fl.  A good day! 

Eastern Surfing Magazine online Swell feature

ESM ran two photos from last Thursday one of a barrel from Jensen Callaway and Skeeter Zimmerman with a tailslide.  You can view the article here:

Matts Shot

Check out this months Issue of Eastern Surf Magazine as Matt Oberman and I finally get a shot printed with his name completely spelled out correctly. Its small in the Blahs sections but its been a long time coming to get something printed for him. Riding Ocatane boards locally shaped out of Pompano Beach, FL. Thanks Matt!

Nov 21 Jupiter

Wesley Desouza

Peter Mendia

Matt Oberman

Jensen Callaway

Cheyne Cottrell

The swell was still in the water and so was the push to get some shots.  Matt and I have been about 0 for 10 and it was about time we got two solid days of shooting in.  Headed up with Cheyene mid-morning with the call being Jupiter area.  All the boys were there, packed together, taking off one after another.  Not nearly as good as the day before but still good conditions to shoot in.