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National Geographic Photo of the Day – Jan 6, 2013

National Geographic picking up one of my Loggerhead Sea Turtle shots as their photo of the day on their homepage on Jan 6, 2013.  You can purchase this print and many others on my fine art site:


Spring Islamorada Wedding Eddie and Suzanne

Indonesia Photo trip April 2012 – Mentawai Islands about the Indies Trader 3

I was asked to cover 8 guys on a surfing trip of their lives aboard the Indies Trader 3 throughout the Mentawai Islands over the course of 12 days.  Adventure is not even the word.  Chasing waves with the best boats and technology available….. in the best place in the world is an experience I wanted to share.  So I did, everyday on my blog partnership with!  I had a series of blogs where I wrote and posted photos of everyday and the people, waves and experiences we encountered.  You can see them all here

Here are some of my favorite images from the trip.

Fanatic 2012 Brand Campaign: Spring Flatwater Photo Shoots


Fanatic SUP, a paddleboard company that produces some of the best paddleboards in the world once again had me shoot their 2013 flatwater SUP (standup paddleboard ) lineup  as well as their kids boards.  We did this years campaign in the beautiful waters of South Florida near Miami and also in Jupiter, Florida.  We had great conditions and I had some great models to work with.  Thanks to everyone involved with all their hard work for making it a huge success.  We also shot HD video interviews and also HD action videos with our GoPro’s.

Day 1, 2 and 3



Launch of Boca Surf Camp website and Marketing Materials

Recently we were asked to create a website, flyers and marketing materials for Boca Surf Camp.  All imagery, backgrounds, and portraits were also shot by us.’s US East Coast Year in Review

A couple images from this weird winter were ran on including from what I recall as the first empty inside out barrel shot of Delray Public Beach and Tanner Strohmenger inside the hook! Check out the live article  here East Coast winter-in-review

Keenan Flegel new team board shot on Inland Surfer

Some new stuff on World Champ Keenan Flegel’s board sponsor Inland Surfer website.


Interior Architecture: Castle Tile, Marble & Granite

Castle Tile, Marble & Granite once again hired us to shoot shoot some of their finished projects.  Here is one of the residences.

Eastern Surfing Magazine – Cheyne Cottrell

First swell of the year and Cheyne and I linked up at our local spot.  Using a 70-200 lens in my aquatech housing on my Canon 1d mark 3

A few shots from the the Superhero Scramble…..

A local sprint adventure race held at Quiet Waters Park, provided an excellent opportunity to get some nutty people putting themselves into painful situations.

This weeks published images on Hurricane Irene…

Here are some shots from Hurricane Irene that have been published so far.  Cheyne Cottrell, Tanner Strohmenger and Matt Oberman.  They can be found on, and

Turning with Cheyne Cottrell

Skeeter Zimmerman

This week I though I would try something new. Since I shoot so many sequences and usually only show a shot or two, I thought it may be more interesting by showing you guys the entire move instead of just one frame. So here ya go. Learn to turn….this week with Cheyne Cottrell.

May swell VOl #1


A few shots from Monday afternoon as I headed up to shoot Cheyne, Scott, Ryan, Peter, Brian, Jensen and a whole bunch of other clowns fighting for one peak somewhere in Palm Beach County. I forgot my monopod, so a fat 4×4 did the job! I think I saw the worst fist fight in the water ever, not cool.

Nov 20 Palm Beach

Scott Posner

Wesley Desouza

Cheyne Cottrell

Baron Knowlton

Dave Leonard

Peter Mendia

Peter Mendia

Peter Mendia

John Cammack

Matt Oberman

Matt Oberman

Last week a few of the stars aligned and South Florida actually got good.  I headed up to search with Wes and Matt, meeting up with rest of the state of south fl to find some prestine conditions to shoot in.  I really wanted to shoot water but the currents just weren’t right.  Two sessions throughout the day provided for some great shots not to mention shooting some of the best in Florida.  Here are a bunch and please no stealing the images with out contacting me first.  Thanks!

Delray surf shoot

Matt Oberman
Matt Oberman
Kyle Alvare
As word traveles fast each time there is any possibility of a decent swell down here I always need to take it lightly. This was another one of those days that just didnt live up to the hype. Matt and I tried to decide where to go. He ended up just paddling out at Delray public along with 400 other people to surf bumped up swell. It was much larger on the outside but not really hitable on the lip. He and a few others got a few one turn wonders and I was there to bake in the sun. There wasnt much there and soon after got a call that it was “good” down in Boca at an undisclosed spot. So I headed down, called Kyle Alvare and we snapped a couple from the beach there. Not too bad. I got in the water for about twenty minutes until sundown and got a couple for myself. Heres a few from that day…