Product shot

Ad campaign for Tuccis pizza in Boca Raton, Florida


In partnership with Current Media we did a ton of images for Tucci’s pizza in Boca Raton.  The best part about shooting food is eating it after!

JB’s on the Beach food shots

We shot an entire menu for JB’s on the beach in Deerfield Beach, Florida!


Tot Tutors product shots in the studio

We continue to create numerous photo shoots for Tot Tutors long line of products.  Here are a few of the many! All shot in the studio last month of shooting.


More studio work with Tot Tutors!


One of my favorite clients that we always have fun at the studio, Tot Tutors.  Great people and a great brand to work for.  Here are some samples from the thousands we shot over a two period this month.

Studio product shots with Advance Carts


Product shots for IndagenTech


Here are a few lifestyle product shots with IndagenTech’s latest product.

Product shots for Nutritional Products International

A few shots in the studio with Nutritional Products International’s latest offering.

Lifestyle product shots with Blue Moon Malas

Here are a select number of images we created for Blue Moon Malas.

Product shots in studio with Prestige Import group

Here are a few of the many product shots we created for a couple of Prestige’s company catalogs.


Advance carts marketing images

Advance carts reached out to us again this year to photograph their newest product line for 2016.  Here are a handful of the entire product line of shopping carts and baskets! IMGL4953AdvanceCarts2016

Commercial studio work for Tot Tutors

Here are some more images from the many days in the studio with the Tot Tutors brand team.


Studio products for Nutritional Products International

Here are some more recent packaging product shots for Nutritional Products International.

Studio project with child furniture company




Recently we shot numerous products in the studio with a national brand.  With and without casted models.  Here are a few examples of the many we delivered to the client.

Product group shots

Recently we did some grouped product shots for Kira Labs.  Shot at their office with our mobile studio.  Here are some samples!


Studio product shots for Kira Labs

Here is another round of product shots in the studio we did for Kira Labs.


Studio product shots for Kira Labs

Kira Labs based in Pompano Beach, Florida had us shoot a wide selection of there products in the studio.  Over 50!

Here are a few!


Product shots for Otter Hemp products

Here are some studio shots for Otter, a company that makes dog toys.  These were a line of Hemp dog bones.  The images were photographed in the studio and were used for marketing the products.


Studio product shots with Tot Tutors

Recently we photographed toy product shots for local Boca Raton company Tot Tuturs.  They had a toy box that needed to be shot with and without toys inside for merchandising and packaging.  Here are some shots…

Product shots for Advance Carts Catalog

Advance carts contacted us to create product shots with their new line of carts for the upcoming catalog.  Here are the photos used in the new catalog.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.39.06 PM


Product demo: How to application shot in studio on Green Screen

Recently we did some studio work with client Polyglass with a new product.  We setup a full studio with green screen in an empty space the headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  The images will then be super imposed onto a real background depending on where the application takes place.  There were over 200 how to images, here are just a couple shown as examples.

Bar Bio for the Atlantic Current Magazine with Sweetwater Brewery.

We shot a lot for the latest Atlantic Current Magazine on Bars around South Florida.  Here are a few shots from the piece that was done on Sweetwater Brewery!

Studio: Hats on white and dark backgrounds for 27 north

Recently we finished up more studio shots for 27 North, a paddle board brand based in South Florida.  This time with their new line of hats!

Product shots for Pumps RX


Pumps Rx, a local South Florida company contacted us to shoot a new product they are offering.  We photographed these in studio.

Polyglass Product shots in the studio

Polyglass is a leader in the roofing material industry.  Here are a couple samples from a shoot we did with them from the many we have done before.