South Florida Architecture

Polyglass Roofing North Regional Library Aerial Photoshoot

Here are some photographs from our drone and stills photoshoot with Polyglass Roofing at the North Regional Library in Miami, Florida.


Site study – Mizner Park for Image Fiction Group

BRC_9303MiznerParkFlorida2014Here are a few images we did for Image Fiction of Mizner Park in Boca Raton, Florida.  These were case study images to later be used in 3D renderings.

Architectural Shoot for Reliance Construction. Miramar Courtyard Lobby areas

Recently Reliance construction hired us to recreate a recently renovated hotel lobby and sitting spaces for there client Marriot for their portfolio.  Here are some of the images….

Commercial photoshoot for the Santuary Neighborhood marketing campaign in Boca Raton, Florida

Recently we worked closely with Boca Web Design to create a bank of images to market the highly exclusive Sanctuary nieghborhood in Boca Raton.  We shot from the ground, helicopters and boats to create the unique images you see below!

Castle Tile and Marble

This winter I have been working with Castle Tile and Marble to photograph their projects over the last two years.  They are updating their entire portfolio with images from marble flooring to granite counter tops from projects throughout South Florida. The project is still ongoing but here are a few…

Welcome to All Ciy Construction!

We recently did some ad stock work for another new client called All City Construction based out of Miami, FL. Went out to one of their jobs sites in South Beach and did some shooting.