Surfing Nicaragua Central America

ESM covereage of my 10 FPS video and Annual Slideshow

Eastern Surfing Magazine put out a little article featuring my annual year in review video called 10 FPS.

Cover shot for Atlantic Current Magazine – 2 in a row for 2012

The Atlantic Current magazine continues to grow as a prominent South Florida Sports and Lifestyle read.  I was stoked to get the first and now the second straight cover.  This time with Jr. World Champ Wakeboarder Noah Flegel.  Not an easy shot to achieve as I was being dragged about 2 feet behind him on a tube.  I also had a ton of other shots in the mag, here are some tearsheets.  Articles on Tanner Strohmenger, The Flegel Brothers and The ResolversI also created two of the ads in the magazine.

Nicaragua Surf photo trip: Aug 2012

Traveling to Nicaragua my second time this year keeps me on my toes to create new and interesting angles for the riders and their sponsors.  Here are a few….

You also read about the entire trip in my blog series on


Nicaragua Aug 2010 trip

For the third time in 9 months I traveled to Nicaragua to shoot surfing.  Nearly 11 days chasing that elusive barrel, which we got 2 hours before we had to leave on the last day!  Thats usually how it goes… Here are some shots that won’t go to the publications.  You can view many more on my personal Facebook page

Nicaragua Photo trip

After being back home for only a few days I was given the opportunity to go chase a swell about to hit Nicaragua and shoot some barrels.  It was a total success and I had a blast with some friends.  On our day off we checked the island volcano in the middle of the Lake of Nicaragua.  Pretty cool!  Here are a couple shots…the better ones are held for mags.