2010 Indy Car Championships Homestead, FL

225 miles per hours is fast and Indy Cars make it look easy in  more ways than one.  I recently covered the end of the year championships down in Homestead, FL.  Here are a few shots from the many!

Hurricane Igor Published shots…

Last week in short notice we hopped on a plane to NYC to chase the rising swell from Hurricane Igor churning out in the Atlantic Ocean.   We met up with our awesome host Justin Gallo who hosted us in his Brooklyn apartment while his girlfriend Alexa put up with us for the 4 days!  Great people.  We searched from New Jersey to Long Island, New York and were rewarded.  Here are some of the shots that were ran online.  In the coming months the better ones will be run in Print.

ESPN http://espn.go.com/action/photos/gallery/_/id/5604013/hurricane-igor-gallery
Surfline.com  http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/hurricane-igor-surf-photos_47918/
ESM  http://www.easternsurf.com/feature_phlogging11/

A few recent architecture shots…..

Here are a few recent architecture shots that were shot around South Florida for my clients.  A renovated church, Interior lobby, Kiddie Academy playground, and a BB&T drive through.  Sorry for the lack of posts but I have had a crazy schedule! 

A few Rock and Roll portraits!

Here are few shots from kids at Rock and Roll music Camp!

Bike America Visuals at the South Florida Bike Expo

This past weekend one of my clients Bike America had their first Bike Expo debut in South Florida.  Here are some shots with the signs we made for it.
Boca Raton Photography and Design

Sunday House wedding with my buddy Nate in Delray Beach, FL

My buddy Nate asked if I could come over and give him a hand with a small wedding at the Sunday House in Delray Beach, FL.  It’s such a cool little spot!  Here are a few shots….


Faces of Little League Baseball

I forgot how serious little league was when I was little.  Here are some faces of the game and a couple action shots from a shoot last week…


Seen on NBC nightly news with Brian Williams as official photog for Surfers for Autism

As many of you already know I do a lot of photo work for my favorite charity non-profit Surfers for Autism.  As the official photographer and a sponsor of SFA we were shooting stills during the taping for the NBC Nightly news piece on Surfers for Autism this past spring.  Proud to be a part of it!  Check it out.  It originally aired the evening of July 8, 2010.
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Cover for Special Needs Parenting Magazine

A recent cover for Special Needs Parenting Magazine of Don Ryan, chairman and president of Surfers for Autism and surf star Austin at the NBC taping for the Nightly News that aired July 8, 2010.

Boca Raton Photography and Design

A few shots from a recent wedding with a buddy of mine…

Here are few shots from a wedding down in Pompano Beach, FL!

Billabong/Surfers for Autism Fashion Show at Dada’s Delray Beach

This past week, Surfers for Autism had our first Fashion show benefit put on by host sponsor Billabong.  They did an outstanding job and we had a packed house.  There were people standing in the street watching the show.   Thanks for all the support. Visit our Facebook page for all the images.  Here are some images…

More on Boca Raton Photography and Design Here!

Surfers for Autism on Surfline’s week in Review

The entire Ohana surf shop mega volunteer team from the Stuart Event made the Surfline Week in Reivew last week.  What a crew!

Summer 2010 Quiksliver / Living Water Surf School Surf Camps

This summer I teamed up to shoot the Quiksilver / Living Water Surf School Surf Camps in Boca Raton and Pompano Beach, FL.  My friend Skeeter Zimmerman charges it with his crew of counslers for 11 weeks all summer long.  Every kid gets there very own fisheye water shot in a frame at the end of camp from Boca Raton Photography and Design!  How many camps provide that!  Here are a few shots from the first  4 weeks of camp.

How I got this shot…. Stevie Andrew Who Da Guy in Eastern Surfing Magazine

Above is an article profiling Stevie Andrews, a local shredder from Deerfield Beach, FL.  I wanted to give some insight on how I got both the portrait and the half page action shot in the July 2010 issue of ESM magazine.  The action shot was taken while on a trip with the Island Water Sports team to  Nicaragua in November 2009.  On this particular day of the trip we took a boat and found this break just reeling off the rocks all by itself.  The shot was taken with a Canon 1d Mark 3 and Canon 70-200 2.8 IS L lens.  I was bobbing around in a boat even with the breaking wave, with an excellent boat driver, even though he had no toe nails…..!  It was late afternoon so the sun was starting to set, creating a nice contrasting background ad asymmetrical light on the surfer.  According to Surfing Mag’s Jimmy Wilson, this place has not been shot before, that he has seen, which I thought was pretty lucky that we caught it the way we did.  The shot was cropped a little with minor adjustments in photoshop.  The portrait was taken in a parking lot as the sun was setting with one light ( a canon 580ex with small chimera soft box attached to a light stand) about 7ft above and to his right being held by my fellow photog and good friend Nathan Hamler.  I was trying to get a more dramatic and serious pose out of the shot.  Thanks to Stevie for ripping!   P.S. try to ignore the half naked dude in the ad on the right, that is not my image!! lol
Boca Raton Photography and Design

Surfers for Autism Stuart

Another great day was laid down for Surfers for Autism in Stuart.  As usual I was honored to photograph it!  Here is the article on Surfline, also with a few of my images. Click Here

All City Construction Website recently finished

We recently are putting the finishing touches on All City’s website.  Check it out!

Interior Shots – Hollywood, FL Residence

As I had posted a couple weeks before we also shot the interior of this residence.  Here are a couple…

Some recent shots in this months Eastern Surfing Magazine

Some recent shots in this months Eastern Surfing Magazine profiling the gulf coast and my hometown of Venice.  The top shot is of Tayler Brothers, where I first learned to surf and a half mile from where I grew up.  Pick your copy at a surf shop near you!

Surfers for Autism Time Lapse

This is a time lapse from our Non profit organization Surfers for Autism at their first beach event of the year.  I set up a cam on the 7th story of the Howard Johnson in Deerfield on a balcony arm rail and let it shoot for about 6 hours.  Mixed in are a few stills I got before I had to leave and shoot a wedding the same day.  Enjoy!

Spread Ad in Florida Design Magazine

We recently had a two images on a two page ad for our client Fine Design Interiors in the 2010 Winter Issue of Florida Design Magazine.  The large image and also the bottom right images are both ours from two different projects.  Thanks to Ed Johnston at Built By Owner, Astrid M. DeGuiceis at Fine Design and Bernice Nathans for hiring us too shoot these impressive interiors.  The bottom right shot was all Stephanie!  Sorry for the poor scan quality the spread was much larger than my scanner….

Photo Show 1ft @ 2 seconds – Images

This past weekend my roots got a little exposure to some of my recent work shooting surfing. The Compound Boardshop hosted a photo exhibition on the last 50 years of surfing on the gulfcoast. I had about 35 images on display along with other photographers. The event was a huge success with a packed house by 8pm. Many thanks who came out and supported it. Here are some images….that show my images…!

Lisette & Bryan – Wedding

We shot one of the most polished weddings I have seen in a while and while we were working to make it happen Lisette and Bryan created one heck of a good time for their guests.  Here are two slideshows, one more of a time lapse of the wedding on location and the other some of our favorite shots.  The time lapse was a little unsuccessful since it got bumped and moved while we it was firing on its own, but still got a few frames we could use.  Enjoy!

Ocala Fat Tire Festival Images

This past weekend we headed up to ride, camp and kayak near Ocala, FL.  Had a great time riding with some old friends, introducing Zack to one of the better trails of FL and some wilderness R& R.  It rained on Sunday so the kayak trip didn’t happen.  Still good times.  I did as little shooting as possible, (since I was on vacation) but had to get some shots that will get sent out to a pub.  Props to Mike G for landing his first backflip on dirt (see below)!  Always nice to hang around a bunch of riders. Here are a few…..

Come check out some surf images of mine being shown in Sarasota, FL at Compound Surf Shop this weekend!

Come check out some surf images of mine being shown in Sarasota, FL at Compound Surf Shop this weekend!