Portraits with Keenan and Noah Flegel in South Florida.

Recently I shot Keenan and Noah Flegel, world champs in their respective sports of wake boarding and wake surfing! They both got new sponsors, Noah with Hyperlite wake boards and Nautique Boats and Keenan with a new board!  Here a few of the many shots that were taken!

Team Polaroid Action Cam Watersports Team

Here are a bunch of images we created with the Team Polaroid Action Cam World Class Wake Athletes.  Polaroid recently introduced a new line of action sports compact cameras.  Capable of shooting 1080p HD video and high quality stills all in a compact cam capable of being mounting on nearly anything to capture all your action moments.  We shot wake boarders Mike Dowdy, Harley Clifford, Noah Flegel and Wake Surfers Keenan Flegel and Jaqualine Fort.  Dean Lavelle also did it all!


Noah Flegel named to Liquid Force pro team

Jr. World Wakeboard Champ Noah Flegel was recently named to the Liquid Force Pro Team.  Here are some shots of him with his new gear from LF!















Cover shot for Atlantic Current Magazine – 2 in a row for 2012

The Atlantic Current magazine continues to grow as a prominent South Florida Sports and Lifestyle read.  I was stoked to get the first and now the second straight cover.  This time with Jr. World Champ Wakeboarder Noah Flegel.  Not an easy shot to achieve as I was being dragged about 2 feet behind him on a tube.  I also had a ton of other shots in the mag, here are some tearsheets.  Articles on Tanner Strohmenger, The Flegel Brothers and The ResolversI also created two of the ads in the magazine.

3rd Annual 10 FPS Photos 2012

Take a look at the 2012 edition of my 10 Frames Per Second (FPS) video which is a review of the last 12 months of shooting.  Check out more with my 3rd Annual Photo Exhibit at Island Water Sports on Friday January 4, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. where I will present my most memorable images and describe what it took to get each shot.  Win some cool stuff from Quiksilver and Electric while supporting the local Jr. Surfrider Foundation.

Extreme Family portraits with the Flegels!


I often shoot the duo world champion Flegel brothers flying through the air behind a boat but this time, I shot the entire family for the xmas card portrait.  Here are some outtakes!  2 boats, 2 drivers, an assistant, 2 lights and four pretty awesome family members shot in Deerfield Beach, Florida

2012 World Wakesurf Champ Keenan Flegal Portraits

As I continue to work with the Super brothers of Keenan and Noah Flegel while they dominate their sports, they never cease to amaze me.  Here are some of Keenan the weekend before winning the 2012 World Title.

Jr World Wakeboard Champ Noah Flegel Portaits

Double page spread for Centurian Boats. Keenan Flegel in Wake Journal July 2012

How I got the shot: Double Page spread in Sports Illustrated Dec 2011 Noah Flegal 900 spin

This past summer, I had just heard that Noah Flegal  had just landed his first ever 900 and then did it in competition, making him the youngest ever to do so on a wakeboard at 13.  With that feat, I knew this kid needed some exposure as no one down here was covering him.  I scheduled a shoot with his awesome mom and we shot away.  The best part was going to pick him and his posse up at their house early….7 am.  Yeah, they werent real awake yet.  ” Ben, here’s $20, can you stop by McDonalds and pick them up some breakfast, his mom said.”  And so the day began!  My main goal was to somehow cover the 900 along with his impressive aerial arsenal.  Shooting from the tube first with a Canon 1d mark 3, Tokina 10-17 fisheye at 12mm about 5 feet infront of him got a few shots in the bag to start the day.  We then shot the rest from the boat when I was too beat to get pounded on the tube anymore.  Thats when I told the driver…. 14 year old Merrette Fay, who is Noah’s awesome filmer… to keeping doing double ups at the far end, where the sun would be hitting Noah in a front lit array.  I positioned myself to the center of the boat with my Canon Mark 3 with a Canon 70-200 L 2.8 IS set on Manual focus at the center of the end of the rope when he crossed  the middle.  I also set it at 5.6.  This way when I shot the sequence the focus would not change trying to track him and I would also be able to keep him in focus on the far left and right of the frames.  I aimed so that I had the far left of the landing covered and the far right of the take off.  As soon as he hit the takeoff I held the shutter button down and let the motor drive fire away!  After what I remember the third try, he nailed it and we got the shot.  I then took the 15+ shots and layered them in photoshop on top of one another on a 12 x 18 inch 300 dpi blank doc and started the process of erasing what was needed and what wasnt, through transparency, and masking techniques.  His mom, with all her awesome support really pushed all the sponsors on all the shots especially this one in many markets.  This led to his nomination of the SI Kids Sportskid of the year and eventually his win and amazing accomplishment.  Sports Illustrated contacted me about wanting to use the photo in their opening spread on him and the rest was history. 

US Open of Wakeboarding / Board Up Miami

Pro Men’s Winner Adam Fields
Dean Smith

Daniel Watkins
Skate contest

This weekend I shot the finals of the US Open / Board Up Miami Wakeboarding event. There was also a skate comp, and other demos. Thanks to Gary Smith at Epic boats for getting me on the tow boat for the finals and for getting me wet! Super nice crew at the event! Look for some images in the upcoming issue of……!

Standard Boats

Last week we traveled to beutiful Mt. Dora, Florida to shoot Standard Boats newest boat. If your in the market for a badass wakeboard boat custom made to your specs look no further. The weather wasn’t exactly on par but we made do. Check them out at www.standardboats.com