Red Bull Wake of Fame – Fort Lauderdale, FL

 Event Winner Nico Von Lerchenfeld

 Nick Taylor 50/50 railslide shuvit
 Kevin Henshaw
 Danny Harf
 Danny Harf nose pressing the entire far rail
 Nick Taylor owning it
 Veteran Parks Bonifay hitting the redbull revolving sign

 South Florida’s own Steel Laferty sliding the final rail into the dive well pool

 Raphael Spinning off the kicker gap to ledge

Sporting events are usually pretty similar, but whenever Red Bull takes over things usually take an out of the box thought process in building.  They once again didn’t let down with a pretty unique wakeboarding and wakeskating event taking place at night at an Olympic training pool complex.  A cable runs the entire length of the pool whipping riders into their runs down to one end and then back. You probably missed it!

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