Bags and Cases

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 10.38.00 AM












PacSafe V25 – My everyday pack when I just new a lens or two and a camera.  Also holds my laptop to edit and is super secure!











Dakine Reload Backpack – My long lens pack  that holds everything I need and a bunch of stuff I don’t need!  Super strong with integrated rain cover laptop compartment for my apple laptops!














Dakine Over Under 49L – Holds everything from my 500L lens to my water housing and all my clothes!  Best of all its made from Recycle plastic bottles!!!



Seattle Sports Aquaknot – Fully waterproof dry bag backpack



Dry Bags – I never leave home without them when I will be near water!


Think Tank Belt System – Used for fast shooting events, concerts and sporting events when I need a lens change at my finger tips at all times.


Pelican 1550 with insert system – Transport and storage for my main gear kit.  3 cameras, 6 lenses and 3 flashes


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