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PacSafe Camsafe V25

My everyday pack when I just new a lens or two and a camera.  Also holds my laptop to edit and is super secure!

For the avid adventurer and photographer looking for a reliable, versatile, comfy travel partner packed with features. While each of the 5 anti-theft security features protect your gear from thieves, each additional feature has been thought out and designed to make travelling and photo taking easy, accessible and practical.




Pacsafe VentureSafe 55L GII

My go to backpack to carry a bit more gear!

• eXomesh® slashguard
• Puncture resistant ToughZip™
• Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock
• 3mm stainless steel locking cable with storage pouch
• Interlocking zip pullers






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Pacsafe Toursafe At 21

My go to small carry on!  Most of the time inside is my underwater housing kit.

The Toursafe™ 21 is a secure, soft-sided, semi-collapsible carry-on piece with puncture resistant ToughZip™ and lockable zipper pullers to prevent sneaky hands forcing their way in. eXomesh® protection also prevents gear from coming out if your bag is ripped on your adventure or while in transit.





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Pacsafe Toursafe AT 29

My international carry on that can carry my housing and clothes.

For those 4 week long adventures or trips where 3 pairs of shoes just simply aren’t enough, look no further than the Toursafe™ 29. Lightweight, semi-collapsible, secure from forced zipper entry with a ballpoint pen, eXomesh® slashguard protection and a durable EVA molded back panel the 29” wheeled duffel is a travel companion you can rely on.






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Pacsafe EXP34

We carry everything in this!

• eXomesh® slashguards (in all soft sided panels)
• Puncture resistant ToughZip™
• Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock
• 3 mm stainless steel locking cable with storage pouch
• Interlocking zip pullers












Seattle Sports Aquaknot – Fully waterproof dry bag backpack



Dry Bags – I never leave home without them when I will be near water!


Think Tank Belt System – Used for fast shooting events, concerts and sporting events when I need a lens change at my finger tips at all times.


Pelican 1550 with insert system – Transport and storage for my main gear kit.  3 cameras, 6 lenses and 3 flashes


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