The Canon 580 ex flash is our most commonly used flashes.  On and off the camera firing with slave control or with our pocket wizard setups.

The Canon 430 Ex is our back up flash just in case!




Pocket Wizard Plus II Transcievers

We have 5 of these that control our off camera lighting.  We also use them to fire remote cameras and float them on the surface of the water to remotely fire a flash from beneath the water when shooting underwater.



Calumet Dual 500 digital Monolights.  These are out primary studio lighting and when needed on location light producers.  We also have a variety of snoots, grids, umbrellas and soft boxes up to 48 inches.


5 in 1 reflector                                                                  41″ x 74″  reflector / modifier

Photoflex Litediscs

We use a few light modifiers that can be used for a variety of purposes from backgrounds, to scrims, to reflectors and much more!

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