Promotional video campaign for Cat Marine Power systems Three60 pod


We produced 6 videos for Cat Marine Three60 pod engine system.  A project that demanded a staff of 8 to shoot in 1.5 production days.  We then worked with the client to produce six different videos, with voice over, music and finishing touches!



Ad campaign for Certina watches with Sea Turtle Conservancy in Panama


Creating images in a dynamic atmosphere often poses challenges and lots of surprises.  Recently we traveled to a remote stretch of beach on the Caribbean side of Panama to document tagging of leatherback sea turtles with the Sea Turtle Conservancy.  Certina watches, has partnered with the Conservancy to create a Sea Turtle Conservancy watch that will help promote,  support the Sea Turtle Conservancy and provide transmitters to help learn more about sea turtles.  Certina needed images and video of the watch used in the field!  Here are some images and also a short video I made to highlight the journey.  Certina will be making a longer more refined video for the public.

Caterpillar Marine Three60 Pod system marketing brochure image campaign

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 8.13.50 AM

In the last year we have teamed up with Cat Marine to create images for the upcoming release of the new Three60 Pod engine system.  Here are some images we created in the new brochure and website.  We are finishing up 6 videos we created for them highlighting the new system releasing soon!

Monica Mayotte Headshots for Boca Raton City Council

Monica Mayotte is running for Boca Raton’s city council in Florida. We had the pleasure of doing her headshots for her promotional campaign.   Update:  She won!


Vanbridge Insurance Universal Headshots

We share with you our latest corporate headshots for Vanbridge Insurance Company located in downtown Boca Raton, Florida.


BMW 8 Series Launch Art Basel

During Miami Art Basel, we covered the release of the BMW 8 series launch party event at the Faena Hotel Miami South Beach, Florida for BMW North America.  The event featured over 200 drones flying through the air at night to simulate a flock of birds.  An amazing sight to see!